Zikr Morning, Evening & After Obligatory Prayers (Pocket Size)
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From the Quran and the Sunnah

Authentic prophetic guidance on REMEMBRANCES OF ALLAH IN THE MORNING, THE EVENING AND AFTER OBLIGATION PRAYERS which will, by the permission of Allah, assure our spiritual and physical protections form all harms.

Imam Ibnul Qayyim said in Al Wabil As Sayyib: 'And these are practiced between dawn and sunrise and between Asr and sunset'

In a very simple method to make the booklet easy to practice and memorize includes Arabic Text, Transliteration and Translation, Adhkars are presented without details of its rewards and virtues.

Adhkars are collected from Al-Kalim At-Tayyib of Obn Taymiyyah, Al-Wabil As Sayyib of Ibnul Qayyim, Al-Adhkar Imam An Nawawi and Wird As Sabah wa Al Masaa of Sheikh Saed bin Wahf Al Qahtani

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